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Crishnaa is a photographer who has set out on a mission to build stories through her photos and cinematic films. Now she brings together a team to document your milestones in the filmiest way possible, making you relive your experience like it’s happening all over again!

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Reviews and feedback push us every day to keep doing what we do and keep getting better at it. The testimonials from our ever-increasing family of clients will give you a picture of what we are like and why you should give us a chance to document your special days.

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Wedding Documentaries are our pièce de résistance. We also adore capturing birthdays, baby showers, family picnics…basically everything that is close to your hearts and makes the world go round!

We Make Dreams Come True

Working from her den in Margao; a petite but animated space that’s growing with every passing memory captured. We know how photos light up conversations and reignite friendships with nostalgia. That’s why we put ourselves in your shoes, capturing your special days like it’s our own; for you to reminisce your most beautiful moments. A quote by Alfred Eisenstaedt puts Crishnaa Madhavi studio’s philosophy into words- ‘It is important to click with people than to click the shutter’, simply put, a joyful and an intimate experience.
Our forte is Wedding Documentaries, so we can immortalise your love stories. We are hopeless romantics like that! We capture the raw moments, ones where we don’t tell you how to pose and you just let love work its magic! Picture this – you look at a photograph and tell us it’s exactly what you wanted but you don’t remember posing for it; hell, you don’t even remember posing at all!
We cherish candidness above everything; driven by our motto to capture pure love at its rawest form.

Our Work in the form of albums

Kranti & Nishad

Samantha & Yohan

Monaliza & Joshua

Manaz & Safeerali

Tehseer’s Nikha

Pre Wedding 

Haldi Ceremony

Vishveta & Prithvi

Raw Profile

Here’s what clients say about our work

I cannot thank you and your team enough for the lovely photos and the cinematic video you guys made! Left me speechless! I loved every bit of the photos and videos. Thanks to you and your team I have such lovely memories of every bit of my wedding. When I go through the photos, I feel like I’m seeing it happen in front of me, all over again. You guys have wonderfully captured the right expressions. Thank you. I couldn’t trust anyone else apart from you with my special day!

~ Monaliza & Josh

Crishnaa is the most amazing person to work with. She met with us so that she could get to know us better and even gave us many wonderful tips! It was amazing to see someone so invested in this process.

I highly recommend Crishnaa and her team. They’re thorough professionals with hearts of gold!

~ Samantha & Yohann

Crishnaa has been volunteering for TEDxPanaji for the last 2 years and we are looking more attractive as an event since then through our photographs. I love the composition of the pictures, the lighting, the timing and the emotions that are captured perfectly. I would strongly recommend her if you want a memorable event!

~ Dattaprasad Shetkar

Crishnaa is an excellent photographer with a very patient team, which is very essential for a photographer. We hired her for our office trip to Goa and all our moments were captured so nicely. Everyone praised Crishnaa’s work! I strongly recommend Crishnaa and she has to be your go-to person if you want a highly skilled photographer

~ Suneetha

Crishnaa is one of the best photographers I’ve come across in my professional career. We’re glad to have had her work with us at Soul Travelling on many of our projects, including Games of Goa. She has always delivered when it mattered and her work and commitment have been exemplary. She manages to capture the essence of our trails – be it people, their emotional expressions and interactions, the elements of the place. Crishnaa has an eye for detail; she can imagine and create photos that others seldom do. She’s amazing at her work. Apart from this, Crishnaa also worked on my engagement photography and she captured the minute details of the celebration, creating a story like no one else. Thank you so much Crishnaa, keep up with your extraordinary work!

~ Varun Hegde

There are many photographers out there, but trust me you won’t find any like Crishna. She is the best photographer I could ever find for my wedding. The most charming thing about her is that she mixes up really well with the guests. She will shoot your event like it is her own big day. The best thing about her is that if you tell her once what you need, she will follow through. She is a very updated photographer and will shoot the perfect shots that will take your breath away.

Her magnificent photography is on a whole new level. Every shot is unique. If you want someone to capture your memories beautifully I would recommend only Crishna Madhavi.

~ Tehseer Shaikh

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