The New Girl

by | Jun 5, 2020

Reminiscing to when I was back at college , I remember that semester very clearly , I re-joined pretty late as the third semester was already in full swing , I got right back into it. Later on there were some rumours that there’s a NEW admission. Who could it be ? A girl!
I thought , I need to get a look. That day ,I did , but it was just a glance.
The next day I waited. I waited for her. I stood at the entrance of our department and she came! She came walking towards me. I remember that angelic vision so clearly till this day. She walked as it appeared to be in slow motion , as if time stoped for us , she was draped in a yellow kurta , it fitted her well as if it was made just for her. I stood and stared at her beauty , I couldn’t move ,my eyes fixated only on her. I could hear my heart , it skipped a beat when she lifted her head slightly in my direction and continued walking. That right there , that moment ,was all I needed to know ,that I wanted her! I wanted her to be mine. Only mine.

Days passed and I did not know how to get her , but faith works in ways we could never , my best friend fixed it up for us. Sensing we had to be together. She introduced us. She said her name ,”Vishveta” . What a unique name , just like herself.
We became friends instantly and would hangout throughout the day, I would always try and make her smile and grab her attention!
We would blush and giggle. Our time was limited to only college , as she had no social media but Finally she joined Facebook and we would chat and chat!
On 1/09/2012 , we were online chatting and she causally asked me if I had feelings for anyone! This, this was my chance , right now! My hands were shacking , heart pounding , I could hardly type but I did. I replied. “ Yes, YOU”
The rest was history. I even have the date tattooed on me, to always remember!


We dated for 7 glorious years. We got through it all, together.
We were more of best friends than a couple!
I always knew I wanted to grow old with her and decided to take the next step. On our 7th Love Anniversary , I went down on one knee and asked my best friend to marry me . She said YES.
We got married on Valentines Day 2020.
Now we have forever to go, my best friend and lover by my side always.

Vishveta & Pruthvi


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