by | Aug 10, 2020

A mother , that’s what I am now , I had no idea how to be one but it came so naturally to me , it was first instinct.
The day I found out I was carrying another life within me , I felt so blessed. I would pray for a healthy baby and the courage to have the strength to give it my best. My husband Gourav was abroad so I had to take care of little tiny toes all by myself.
Nine months passed so quick and our bond grew as much as my tummy did.
I finally gave birth to Jiyaana and being a young mother I was terrified of what was in store for both me and my baby girl.
I remember going into labor and being in so much pain but when I heard her first cry and held her in my arms close to me. My beating heart right next to her beating her, everything just disappeared. Her beauty mesmerized me, I was so captivated by her and her chubby cheeks , her tiny fingers and her being physically in my arms. I cried , I cried so many tears of joy and praised that she was so perfect and healthy.
Jiyaana has been nothing but a bundle of joy , she has calmed all my stress and threw away all my worries. She’s so loving and pure.
Jiyaana and I grow everyday ,hand in hand , giggle after giggle.
She’s turning two soon and I can’t believe it , I feel as if I’ve had her for a life time. The bond we share is inseparable and I love her so very much. She’s my little angel. My little baby Jiyaana. Lastly, Jiyaana means full of life and that’s what she is!


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