by | Oct 12, 2020

Not all forms of abuse leave bruises , some leave scares for life.
Words hurt , wounds may heal but words stick forever!Growing up an odd kid , as the others would call me , was rough, I was tall, skinny and different to the others. I had no friends , my sister was the only one I had and we would sit together at school lunch time and because I sat with her,I got bullied for that too but my sister was my rock! They would call me things like , patil, lakdi, rotlu and many more! I couldn’t always hold back the tears and when I did , they would say , “boys should never cry” but they would forget who would cause my tears! I started to believe that I was lesser than a boy they expected me to be.I started boarding school and thought things could only get better , but they didn’t!

Imagine a all boy gang constantly on my back! Horror! I was determined to make it! One day I just snapped, I looked at my myself in the mirror and I saw what others did not ,A beautiful, chiseled imperfect human, I was me! I was enough for me! I started ignoring the taunts , insults and bullies and started focusing on my greatness es and that’s when it all started! I was turning into this phoenix rising from the ashes! Soaring! I took an oat , I will be best me and do what makes me happy! I started dancing , letting my pain flow through my movements! Ignoring the haters.

I was slowly starting to love myself. I joined college , things weren’t any better there , I had taken 14 years of this and it only made me stronger. I would rush back to my hostel , look in the mirror and remind myself who I am! I would smile through the tears and feel stronger! This was my race , my life and my way! From back then , to now ,I am proud of who I am! I love me , I love how much I’ve accomplished and how much I will do! Life is what you make it , and I intend to do great! Watch me! Bulling is never ok, it doesn’t make you better than someone else! Let people be who they want to be. Be kind to one another it goes along way. Love yourself always, you’ve always got you! Rise , always rise above!


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