The Stranger at the Party

by | Jun 5, 2020

I remember I was at an all cousins party , when Josh entered with Ross omelette I was furious , who’s this intruder at our party!
I guess that intrigued me, we got to talking , spoke all night and I told him all about my college and he happily listened , we spoke for hours , laughing and joking around. We spoke all night , but I remember I couldn’t find him in the morning, where’d he go? I just had to find him on Facebook and I did!
after millions of jokes and thousands of hellos we got so close and our friendship grew.
Sunburn 2015 was the turning point in my relationship towards him I remember seeing him and thinking ‘what’s meant to be will be’.

Josh then started admitting his feelings for me and I remember giggling and kept teasing him , friend-zoning him actually!
He didn’t give up at all , he kept trying to woe me and would come up with silly reasons to come to Margao to meet me , and when I would go out partying in the north we made sure to see each other.

I was still in my 3rd year of college at Chowgules and Josh was already successful in the marketing field.
I had then planned on doing my masters in Boston , USA, miles away from Josh, I went for the orientation program but there was something stopping me to go through with it and I am glad I didn’t. I think to this day , what will be will be , and the attachment we had for each other was so strong.
I got a job at the karma hotel, but it wasn’t enough, after a whole year of dating each other we decided to move to Canada with our parents blessings Of course.
Two years of dating on On Josh’s 25th birthday, I proposed to josh in secret, knowing that it would be the best gift to give him!
There was nothing in the near future that altered God’s plan for ‘Josh & Mona’
We knew then that the path ahead could only bring more happiness and there was nothing in our way stopping us!
I finally married the guy at my cousins party and who knew right ?


Monaliza & Joshua


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