by | Oct 12, 2020

Faith and destiny are both mysterious and unexpected at the same time.

I remember years go when I was scrolling through Facebook randomly and those ‘people you may know suggestions’popped up and it was her profile. I thought to myself ‘wow she’s beautiful’, so I sent her a request, she accepted. We started chatting and sharing. Soon our chats would last for hours on end and it never got boring.

We found a similar interest in each other. We both had sports in common. I ,a state level cricket player and she a state level badminton player. We started falling for each other deeply , we would both wait to talk to each other everyday and discuss how our days went and what we looked forward to. We secretly met and that was it. I knew ,I loved her and she was the one. I remember thinking to myself I am going to propose to her. So I did. She took one whole day to think about it. Of course ,she consulted her parents and her parents agreed to me , I asked my parents and they were delighted.

After the agreement both our families met to finalise everything. We both were thrilled and excited to finally be each other’s ‘officially’. We soon got married , it was the happiest day of my life , she was so beautiful and I felt the luckiest. The wedding day was just magical everyone was so happy and cheerful both families united as one.
We are now happily married with a bright and happy future ahead of us.


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