by | Oct 12, 2020

We met 13 years ago at a mutual friends birthday party, we were young back then and so in love. We grew up together sneaking around , blushing between smiles and secret sweaty hand holding! We went on so many car rides , from adventure to romance! Neither of us proposed , it was just one of those things that was so obvious meant to be!It’s not been easy ,we have had our struggles but he’s made it bearable and so worth it! Every struggle has just made us stronger and want each other more!

He’s my best friend, my constant support, my biggest critic, my personal chef , my hero and now my husband, he’s always accepted me and all of my flaws and loved them all the same!

This is our forever story and I promise to always be by his side as he chases his dreams and more.

6th June 2020, we finally made it!
We did it. We did it together.

Hand in hand with happiness wrapped around it , with hurt and tears wrapped in love, with patience , togetherness and success!
Here we are from young lovers to now ,MR & MRS forever!

We couldn’t be happier to have you , Crishnaa and team ,capturing each perfect shot and giving us memories to cherish for lifetime.


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