by | Aug 10, 2020

It was back in 2016 when I first laid eyes on Christine. We were at a cafe with a few mutual friends.
Christine was only 17 at the time , I hadn’t asked her out at first, we were just friends . I wanted a life partner but her age held me back.
We had a good friendship going at that time, it was fun and light but it soon faded.

I lost hope in March ,2017. She left for Mumbai and I had no idea when she would be back or if she would ever be back , I thought about her a lot.
It was my birthday ,2018 when I got a text from her, wishing me! I was ecstatic! Christine , my heart ached for her. We got to chatting and I questioned if she was single , our chat was quite emotional. We spoke for a while but for some reason , a misunderstanding ,she pushed me away even more and stated that we could never be together because we were queer , LGBTQ would never be accepted in our society! I cried but understood what she wanted and left it at that but I still wanted her.
March 2018 , Christine was coming back to Goa , I found out through a friend. I just had to meet her! I phoned her multiple times and insisted that she did.
On the morning of our meet I left home at 4 o’clock in the morning and waited for her at Mapusa bus stand , she eventually showed up at 7. She got in my car and it was quite , it was so quite for a whole minute . She finally hugged me and broke down in my arms , tears flowing but she was finally safe in my arms!
We headed to Dona Paula for breakfast and we caught up on everything! We were still just friends ,we would meet up and hang out often.

Finally , Easter was our night , we all headed out with some mutual friends.
This night was magical as Christy pulled me close to her and asked me out!! She confessed her love for me and we have been together ever since.
Love takes time , but when it finally happens it’s worth it. I would have waited for Christine for a hundred years or more. My love for her grows everyday. We are strong together and there’s nothing in our way that could ever stop us from being together. We live together in our home and She’s the love of my life and I am hers.
She’ll always be safe in my arms and I will forever be by her side. Together we are all ,we will ever need.
Love is love.


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