A Match Made in Heaven

by | Jun 15, 2020

My first date with Rahul 7th April 2019 was a nervous one ,for me especially. I remember contemplating on what to wear , I woke up feeling like this till our date in the evening. I finally decided what to wear and he picked me up at 17.00 hours .

Rahul was dressed smarty and looked amazing, I jumped into the front seat and we greeted each other , he causally hinted to look at the back seat where a huge hamper was placed with all the stuff I love, there were chocolate , chips and even soft toys , this was so well planned and extremely thoughtful. He planned on taking me to a cafe which turned out to be a disaster and he was so disappointed , I remember cheering him up and watching his face light up.

We left the cafe and drove for a bit with soulful music playing , it set the mood just right. It was romantic. He parked the car and drew himself closer to me , he took my hands in his and placed an object into it. It was rose gold bracelet, so elegant and pure.
I fell in love with Rahul. The efforts he put into making me feel so special.


They say matches are made in heaven , our parents were the angles that brought us together.
Our marriage was an arranged one but our love for each other wasn’t. We fell deeply in love and completely . This day was the day I knew I loved him and he loved me.
It’s been the same since then , our love just keeps getting stronger. We thank God everyday for guiding us to each other and gifting us this pure love of both our families uniting together.


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