by | Oct 12, 2020

They say it’s something in the starts ,that our destiny has already been laid out for us , our story already created by your creator, tailored to perfection to every tiny detail.
Our wedding was initially planned in November but up above had different plans. The lockdown took place and our parents decided we tie the knot , because there is no better time than the present.

The wedding day was magical , as even though it wasn’t planned for this day in June , it worked out incredibly, as the of the Muhurt was also my birthday, the time of my birth also matched it too! both families were delighted that it had an even more deeper meaning , a perfect date for the perfect couple.

We were shy in the beginning, blushing and catching the sparkle in each other’s eyes but once we got started we were a match made in heaven!
Our marriage was arranged, our love was inevitable. Our trust , love understanding came so naturally , of course it would, it was already written in the stars.

Someone rightly said it’s not how long you have known the person it is more about the instant soul connection you feel with them.


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