by | Oct 12, 2020

12th March 2020 was extremely special as that’s the day I got married to my prince charming. 3 years go, on March 12 was also the day Safeer proposed.

My mind and heart was already racing because I was getting married , I couldn’t sleep the previous night , my in-laws woke me up at 6 am the next morning, little did I know a huge a surprise was waiting for me.I woke up and brother-in-law & sister-in-law insisted I wore this dress and they blindfolded me and told me no more.

Safeer played a long with all of this and I had no clue he was in on it.
I was placed in the car with everyone, still blindfolded and they drove to the beach I remember feeling the sand between my feet and could smell the sea. I was so confused but so excited too.

I hadn’t expected this surprise, I thought it was in-laws & friends surprising us but no it was the love of my life standing in the sea he pulled me close and drew me in the sea he went down on one knee and pulled out a ring and proposed!!
I was over the moon, so surprised!
It was so romantic and fairlytail like.
All my loved ones were present even my favourite photographer, to capture this magical moment.
I had never experienced such romantic gestures and that day proved that fairly tales do exist and my Prince Charming was right here!

So here is the photography team telling their part- So Safer called us up 2 weeks before and told us about the entire plan! We were so excited for this day too! One day before the proposal Safer tells us that we need to be at the Miramar Beach (North Goa) at 6.30am. The next morning we headed to the destination by 5.30am cause we were traveling from South Goa. It was all chaos on the beach and people on the beach even wished Safer all the very best! Haha! Amazing day!


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